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Come to find your own definition for the wild and beautiful island - Socotra!
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Amur Teibe
About our agency
Аxinia Iourieva
Ahmed Al Hamed
Owner, Head office agency in Hadibo, Socotra
Owner and international trips management, France
Why with us
Our agency combines European management skills and more then 20 years of Sokotri experience in tourism.
A considerable part of our income goes for helping the island, the poor people, widows and children. We build water tanks in villages remoted from the fresh water sources.
Wonderful moments and lifetime adventures with our guests. And our love, respect and material income with Socotra and Socotri people.
We build protective fences for young dragon and bottle trees sprouts, otherwise they are eaten by goats and sheep.
Helping the nature
By travelling with Amur Teibe , you become a responsible guest of Socotra land, and not only a tourist, taking but not giving.
with us
About Socotra
Where it is situated?
Interesting to know
  • Socotra is washed by the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

  • The island is located 100 km away from the Somalian coast and 350 km from Yemen.

  • A trip to Socotra is TOTALLY SAFE!

  • There is no war, there are no pirates, no poisonous animals or insects.

  • This part of the land became an island more than 100 million years ago, separated from the supercontinent Gondwana; Sokotra has never been flooded, so the nature remained almost unchanged.

As the result we have a real-life example of the ancient world!
There are about 800 species of endemic plants, a third of them can be found only in Socotra.
In 2008, Socotra was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage biodiversity sight.
The dragon tree seems to grow with its roots in the sky, instead of resin, a red liquid flows out of it, according to the legend it is the blood of the last dragon.
Cucumber trees, bottle cousins, with funny fruits, fragrant incense trees - frankincense and Myrrh, known all over the world.
Bottle trees take a variety of shapes - from ancient amphorae to elephant's feet, they are romantically nicknamed "desert rose".
Each family consumes about 50 kg of sugar every month, they adore drinking black tea with milk and lots of sugar.
Almost nobody knows the exact date of birth, only the year as Muslims don’t celebrate birthdays.
There is no theft here.
The national religion is islam, local women wear black abayas outdoors, leaving not covered only eyes, hands and feet.
It’s impossible to take photos of people without asking.
Facts about population
What to see?
What to see
A private approach
The program can be customized according to the inquiry:
There is a choice of additional entertainment
flying a gyrocopter/ helicopter
mountain bike
There is a possibility to chose accommodation :
Make it less intense: relaxation, rest, retreats, meditation.
Make it more intense: add sports, fishing, trophy fishing, trekking, climbing
Hotels, camping or combined variant.
A private
Important to know
to know
The most convenient way is a direct government chartered flight from Abu Dhabi to Socotra, it takes off once a week, every Tuesday. The flight takes about 2 hours.
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